Ultion Nuki

Ultion Nuki

Brisant-Secure and Nuki Home Solutions have joined forces to develop a smart lock targeting the UK market. Leading to the creation of the state-of-the-art Ultion Nuki. The two brands are both more than well-established within their respective fields, helping to create the perfect partnership.

What is Ultion Nuki?

Ultion Nuki is a brand-new smart lock that allows you to unlock your front door from your phone, key fob, keypad or smart home assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Home Kit. Also, allowing for integration with Airbnb straight from the app; letting your guests check in without you needing to be there.

How secure it the smart lock?

The Ultion Nuki features a 3 star plus Ultion cylinder, meaning you get the £2000 security guarantee as standard. There isn’t a security standard that the locking mechanism hasn’t passed.

How does the auto unlocking feature work?

Auto unlock works by combining GPS, Bluetooth and geofences (iBeacons). With the GPS on your smartphone Nuki will recognise when you leave your home. When you approach again and enter the geofence near the lock the app will send a Bluetooth scan for your smart lock.

If the app establishes a Bluetooth connection within 20 minutes of entering the geofence your door will automatically unlock. To avoid any unwanted locking operations the next auto lock can only be triggered when you exit the geofence and re-enter it.

Will the wireless keypad work with my door?

The wireless keypad is battery and Bluetooth powered meaning that there are no wires. The keypad can be positioned anywhere within the Bluetooth range of your door. It doesn’t need to be located on the door itself.

Is the Ultion Nuki compatible with my Smart Home?

The Ultion Nuki can be integrated with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit. This will enable you to lock and unlock with the use of voice commands. The lock can also be added to routines, allowing for operation of the lock within their respective apps.

The lock can also be connected to an array of other smart home systems such as Ring app, Homey and IFTTT.

Custom smart homes are also accommodated via an open API integration.

Note that Alexa and Google Home integrations require the Ultion Nuki Bridge (sold separately).

What if someone were to shout “unlock my door” through the letterbox?

You’re still connected if you use Alexa or Google Home with the Ultion Nuki! During the setup with Alexa / Google Home you’ll be prompted to setup a passcode. You will then be asked for this code whenever an unlock request is made. The code isn’t required to lock the door.

Is Ultion Nuki suitable for Airbnb?

When used with the Ultion Nuki Bridge, the Ultion Nuki Smart Lock is a great addition to any Airbnb allowing for seamless integration within the Airbnb app. Guests will receive a digital access code after booking which will automatically expire at the end of their stay.

Where can I find the whole range?

You can find the full Ultion Nuki range here, including the smart lock, accessories, bundles and external handles.

How much is Ultion Nuki?

See below pricing for the full offering:

UNSLUltion Nuki Smart Lock £ 239.00
UNBUltion Nuki Bridge £   89.00
UNRBUltion Nuki Rechargeable Battery £   49.00
UNKUltion Nuki Keypad £   79.00
UNKFUltion Nuki Key Fob £   49.00
UNFBUltion Nuki Key Fob (pack of 3) £ 129.00
UNB1Ultion Nuki & Bridge Bundle £ 309.00
UNB2Ultion Nuki Smart Lock, Bridge & Keypad Bundle £ 379.00
UNB3Ultion Nuki Smart Lock, Bridge, Keypad & Key Fob Bundle £ 424.00
UNB4Ultion Nuki Smart Lock, Keypad & Key Fob Bundle £ 344.00
UNLHBLUltion Nuki External Lever Handle – Black 211mm £   10.90
UNLHBSUltion Nuki External Lever Handle – Black 122mm £   10.90
UNLHCLUltion Nuki External Lever Handle – Chrome 211mm £   22.90
UNLHCSUltion Nuki External Lever Handle – Chrome 122mm £   22.90
UNLHGLUltion Nuki External Lever Handle – Gold 211mm £   25.90
UNLHGSUltion Nuki External Lever Handle – Gold 122mm £   29.00
UNLHRGLUltion Nuki External Lever Handle – Rose Gold 211mm £   25.90
UNLHRGSUltion Nuki External Lever Handle – Rose Gold 122mm £   29.00
UNLHSSLUltion Nuki External Lever Handle – Stainless Steel 211mm £   25.90
UNLHSSSUltion Nuki External Lever Handle – Stainless Steel 122mm £   29.00
UNLHWLUltion Nuki External Lever Handle – White 211mm £   10.90
UNLHWSUltion Nuki External Lever Handle – White 122mm £   10.90
UNPHBUltion Nuki External Pad Handle – Black 211mm £   10.90
UNPHCUltion Nuki External Pad Handle – Chrome 211mm £   25.90
UNPHGUltion Nuki External Pad Handle – Gold 211mm £   27.90
UNPHRGUltion Nuki External Pad Handle – Rose Gold 211mm £   27.90
UNPHSSUltion Nuki External Pad Handle – Stainless Steel 211mm £   31.90
UNPHWUltion Nuki External Pad Handle – White 211mm £   10.90

For any further enquiries please get in touch with us using our contact us page or over the phone on 01384 254015.

Will it fit my door?

By using the fixing holes that are already in your door replacing your existing handle with the Ultion Nuki couldn’t be any easier. As well as an escutcheon model (the type of door that doesn’t have a push down handle) the device will easily replace all common UK push down door handles. The Ultion Nuki accommodates lever handles where the distance between the handle fixings is 215mm, 211mm and 122mm. The distance between the centre of the spindle (centre of the handle) and the keyhole (barrel) should be 92mm.

Because of the adjustable design you can carry on using your Ultion Nuki if you move house or have a new door fitted, without the need of purchasing a new device.

How easy is it to fit the Ultion Nuki and get it setup?

Because the Ultion Nuki was built with the UK market at the forefront there is no drilling or wiring required. It takes a matter of minutes to replace your existing handle with the Ultion Nuki, this video shows just how easy it is.

Will the Ultion Nuki work with my door if I need to lift the handle before locking?

The Ultion Nuki was designed with this type of door in mind. When passing through the door make sure to lift the handle as you normally would and all of the locking features will be present.

What happens in the event of a power cut, or my Wi-Fi goes down?

Fortunately, with Ultion Nuki you’re never locked out, or in. Because the device uses Bluetooth and is battery powered the door can still be controlled whilst at home using your smartphone, wireless keypad, key fob or even your key. Only remote connections that rely on the internet and or power will be affected.

Can the lock be operated manually?

The Ultion Nuki can always be operated manually by a physical high-security key or by manually using the thumb turn.

How long does the battery last?

The Ultion Nuki uses 4 x AA batteries which will last for several months. When the battery level reaches 20% you will receive a notification from the Nuki app and also directly from the device itself by the LED lights. If desired e-mail notifications can also be enabled. Even if those are still missed you can still use the device as a normal mechanical lock using a key from the outside and the dial on the inside until the batteries have been replaced.

The Ultion Nuki is compatible with rechargeable batteries. We also stock the Ultion Nuki Rechargeable battery.

Are there any ongoing charges?

None at all. There isn’t a fee for sending additional electronic keys either!

How does the auto locking feature work?

The auto-locking function is a set timer within the Nuki application. The timer starts once the door is unlocking and will then automatically lock itself once the timer has expired.

The Ultion Nuki also features a night mode automatically locking, at the chosen time enabling the energy saving mode until the morning (also user specified).

Auto lock can also be set to only work during night mode. If you need to keep the door unlocking throughout the day, if you’re a business owner for example. It can even be scheduled to lock and unlock at certain times.